Investors looking to add a broad real assets allocation to their private markets portfolio and gain access to key market sectors, including energy, power, infrastructure, and natural resources turn to CRYPTO NEX TRADE . Real assets also serve as a crucial portfolio diversifier as they tend to respond to different economic conditions than other private asset classes. The performance of real assets, for example, has been positively correlated with inflation which has made them an effective hedge during periods when prices have risen.


Investing in real assets, which can be highly complex in nature, requires extensive domain expertise and strong deal execution capabilities. CRYPTO NEX TRADE employs a differentiated approach to investing in real assets, which includes a secondary markets-focused strategy, a flexible investment mandate, and an asset selection framework designed to help mitigate risk while harnessing upside potential. The investment team has deep industry experience, which is complemented by the broader capabilities of the firm's global investment platform.

When you select CRYPTO NEX TRADE as a private markets investment partner, you benefit from:

  • Specialized expertise: Investments in real assets can pose unique tax, regulatory, contractual, or structural challenges. CRYPTO NEX TRADE brings decades of highly specialized experience to bear for our clients, including extensive operational capabilities, a deep familiarity with asset-level complexity, and tax and structuring knowledge that can help offset these and other risks.
  • Approach to underwriting: CRYPTO NEX TRADE 's asset selection framework imposes financial discipline on underwriting and seeks real assets investments with limited downside risk to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns throughout cycles
  • Customization: Whether investors are looking to gain targeted exposure to certain real assets sub-sectors, geographies, or investment types, CRYPTO NEX TRADE creates programs that can effectively meet its clients' unique needs